Mobile Stock Taking Solution

Bar entertaining system

Using PDAs with barcode readers is the most efficient and quickest way of doing overnight stock taking. Stock taking is an ongoing challenge for many organisations. With long hours spent manually recording stock on paper and laboriously keying the information onto the computer, errors can easily happen.

MTI Systems’ MobileST is an easy-to-use mobile stock taking solution that can transform the way you manage your stock-taking procedures. Integrated with our Accounts software, the solution has been designed to reduce the amount of time spent on stock taking and alleviate the administrative burden it involves, allowing you to concentrate on other core activities.

Bar entertaining system

Key Features

  • Rugged hand-held devices
  • Barcode reading with product search override
  • Multi-site handling
  • Manage unlimited inventory items
  • Concurrent user licensing for PC/Workstations
  • Automatic upload into Accounts software
  • Embed pictures in your database

Bar entertaining system

Key Benefits

  • Significant time saving
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Increased efficiency and reduction in administration
  • Integration with accounts
  • Increased control of processes
  • Easy-to-use application

For further information on our mobile stock taking solution, contact us on 01483 480 449 or send us an enquiry .