RFID Tag based Device Tracking System

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RFID solutions can be active or passive. Active RFID provides superior performance where real-time tracking is required throughout a larger or more complex area, such as within a hospital, industrial or office building with many corridors, doors and rooms. Battery-powered active tags have far greater signal range and the active readers are generally cheaper, thus making deployment more cost effective overall.

An active RFID system is viable where the objects to be tracked are higher value, mission critical, have a consequential impact if not quickly located, or there is an additional security, regulatory or health and safety requirement for such information. We offer a complete solution to RFID tag utilization for any industry, including construction, oil and transport, where security is a concern or stocking is required frequently.

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This software is meant for all such requirements. MTI Systems’ TrackMobile is the brand name of our active real-time location and tracking system, which incorporates both hardware and software in an integrated solution. It includes RFID Tag r-Reader PDA application and the desktop application.

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