Mobile Application Development

iPhone & iPad development:

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iPhone is the most revolutionary multi-touch interface phone that has captured the world of 3G technology and has given a new meaning to the concept of staying connected. With its power-packed features, pioneering hardware technology and the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, iPhone has truly redefined the identity of a mobile phone.

Being a professional iPhone app development company; our emphasis is on offering economical solutions for all modern-age iPhone devices, including the new iPhone iOS 4.2 and iPhone SDK 4.0.

Android Development:

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We offer high expertise in Android application development. We have realized that mobile development has changed in just a few years because of the HTC launch. Along with more Android-conversant mobile phones there has been a large rise in applications that can be used with Android. The demand for Android applications is indeed growing very fast.

We have years of experience in mobile application development and are Android Software Development Kit experts. We utilize the best technologies required to build the most productive and latest Android applications.

Windows Mobile Development:

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We at MTI Systems provide an operating environment for Microsoft mobile development based on the Windows CE operating system. In 2000, Microsoft introduced the Pocket PC platform that included a combination of Windows CE Version 3.0, an enhanced user interface, Pocket Office applications (Internet Explorer, Word and Excel), handwriting recognition, an e-book reader, wireless Internet and longer battery life.

Windows Mobile is a compact operating system combined with a suite of basic applications for mobile devices based on the Microsoft Win32 API. Devices that run Windows Mobile include Pocket PCs, Smartphones and Barcode devices. Originally appearing as the Pocket PC 2000 operating system, Windows Mobile has been updated several times, with the current version being Windows Mobile 7.

Black Berry Development

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We have a team of highly skilled, expert BlackBerry developers and programmers who offer development solutions for BlackBerry mobiles serving clients in the UK and USA. We can develop efficient apps for your business to serve BlackBerry users and take full advantage of it to maximize your profit.

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